If you need a full vin data set for decoding or other puposes please let us know 321-722-0795

The first 3 digits of a Vin Number is called the WMI. The most comprehensive list known to man is controlled by Cathy Cloud at the SAE.org. For a 500.00 annual membership you can recieve a copy of their wmi list. It is very comprehensive and not limited to Automobiles.

Sample of our condensed wmi: We do not sell our wmi data set it is used in our internal parsing of our data sets to create first 8s. If you need a full WMI contact Cathy Cloud at the SAE.

wmi	dig	manufacturer	database
ZAM	123	"MaseratiBiturbo	"	Maserati
ZDF	123	Ferrari	Ferrari
ZFA	123	"Fiat	"	Fiat
ZFF	123	Ferrari	Ferrari

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