321-722-0795 VIN data UPDATE HAS been sent out to 10 of our users. Please submit any missing vins. We have cleared our missing vin list and are requesting anyone of our users to please submit any additonal request.

Welcome to our vin data and vin decoding data sets. With our data sets you can build a assortment of decoders. We update the data on a quarterly basis. We are currently busy integrating 08 09 data sets. Contact us if you have specific data needs or interest in purchasing our data sets. We supply from large corporations, software devs, small companies and individuals the data they need at a REASONABLE PRICES! We are the only company in the world releasing and selling DATA SETS! Re no mandatory fees! Re true vin data knowledge not just simple ties to first 8. We are true Car Guys with a true passion for vin data.

We have set this site up to allow professionals to own a data set. The automotive industry has been enormously generous to myself and our family. This is just a simply way for us to say Thank You. Enjoy the site and have a GREAT DAY :) . Oddly this is a great pleaure to work on this site. I have thousands and thousands of pages yet to post. We truly want you to enjoy the knowledge we have gathered over last 20 years. One might say this is what seperates those that just want to earn cash in the auto industry and those who are true Car Nutz.

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