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Applicants must provide all requested information and submit the original and one additional copy of each completed form that requires a fee. Forms may be mailed to: State of Colorado, Department of Revenue, Denver CO 80261-0016 or hand deliver to: 1881 Pierce St, Lakewood CO 80214.

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November 1, 1999




Out of state dealers, who wish to sell or negotiate the sale of motor vehicle/powersports vehicles including trailers at special events, can make application for a temporary Colorado dealer license. Those special events are limited by Dealer Board Regulation to the National Western Stock Show, Colorado State Fair, and the annual Denver RV, Sports, Boat & Travel show. {Reference 12-6-108.5(2) C.R.S.} Applications are enclosed for your use. A single application may be used to apply for one, two or three events.

BOND REQUIREMENT: A $50,000 surety bond valid for the sale dates on any one, two, or three events, is required. The start and end dates of the bond must be the same as the beginning and ending dates of the event. Multiple bonds may be issued to cover more than one event; or the start and end dates must include all events. Any bonding company writing the bond must be licensed to do business in the state of Colorado. The correct name and DBA must appear on the bond's principal line. For example, if your dealership is a/an:

Individual: John T. Doe, DBA: Doe Motors

Partnership: John T. Doe and Jane Z. Doe, DBA: Doe Motors

Corporation: Vehicles Inc., DBA: Doe Motors

LLC: Vehicles, LLC., DBA: Doe Motors, LLC

STATE FEE: See the Fee Schedule for amount due. This and other licensing fees are subject to change on July 1 of each year. Checks should be made payable to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

SALES TAX LICENSE: Conducting retail sales in Colorado at a single or multiple event requires a special "single" or "multiple" event sales tax license. A photocopy of the sales tax license must be included with the application. For additional information, refer to the FYI "Sales Tax Licenses".

YOUR STATE LICENSE: A copy of the state dealer license where the applicant is located along with a letter from the licensing authority stating the license is in good standing must be included with the application.

NEW VEHICLE SALES: A copy of the letter from the manufacturer authorizing the sale of their new motor vehicle/powersports vehicles must be provided with the application. For any new motor vehicle/powersports vehicle sales, the manufacturer of such vehicles must also be licensed in Colorado. To determine the manufacturer’s license status, request a copy of its current Colorado license or contact the Auto Industry Division.

MCO’S & TITLES: Any motor vehicle sold in Colorado, including trailers, must be transferred on a title or a manufacturer’s certificate of origin (MCO). Any vehicle sold on a title is considered "used" and cannot be represented to the consumer as "new".

SALES TRANSACTION PAPERWORK: Colorado consumers must be furnished with copies of any documents they sign. The dealer must furnish the consumer with a properly assigned title or MCO a copy of the Colorado temporary license, and the state sales tax receipt (DR0024). The consumer must attach a copy of the temporary license and the DR0024 to the title or MCO, when application for title is made at the local county clerk’s office. The dealer must maintain a copy of all paperwork signed by the consumer.

DEALER PLATES: Dealer and/or in-transit plates, issued by the state of licensure, may be used to transport vehicles into and out of Colorado for the licensed event. Perspective customers at the licensed event may also use the dealer plates for demonstration drives.

TEMPORARY REGISTRATION PERMITS: Colorado temporary registration permits must be purchased and issued to consumers for vehicles sold at the event. Colorado permits are valid for 60 days. When an application for a temporary dealer license is approved, an application form to purchase Colorado temporary permits is provided.

COLORADO MOTOR VEHICLE DEALER LAWS: The "Colorado Motor Vehicle Industry Law Manual" explains in layman terms the key provisions of Colorado law and regulations governing the selling of motor vehicles in the state. The applying dealer owner and any salespeople present at the Colorado event should be familiar with the motor vehicle dealer laws.

COLORADO POWERSPORTS INDUSTRY LAWS: The "Colorado Powersports Industry Law Manual" explains in layman terms the key provisions of Colorado law and regulations governing the selling of powersports vehicles in the state. The applying dealer owner and any salespeople present at the Colorado event should be familiar with the powersports vehicle dealer laws.

FILING DEADLINE: The completed application and required attachments, bond, and license fee is due one month prior to the event.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For additional information, contact the Auto Industry Division at 303-205-5604.


Auto Industry Division 1881 Pierce Street, Rm 142 Lakewood, CO 80214


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