About Me and how this data was compiled! Type any first 8 of a vin number in the search box above to see if we have data for that vehicle!

Where do I start. It is 1981 price of gas is so low it would make you ill! I am working in a small dealership on and off and found myself ENTHRALLED that the 10th digit of a vin is the year. What does the rest mean. Why did they change the vin format from the 68.5 Z28 I dont understand! If you doubt what my dedication is go to the top search bar and type in first 8 digits of a vin number a few times and click SEARCH :).

This started a life long passion and I had no idea where it would lead. I certainly had no idea it would lead to millions of hits on my web pages. I certainly did not know i would make so much fricken money at it per year that i would retire at 35 the first time! Thousands seek this data few have it. There is a simple reason TIME! The massive amount of time involved. I sold a few sets till one person pissed me off and I have not sold a set since and not sure how I will proceed. This data is kinda like part of my soul.

After many years I found my data all over the web from mopar clubs, corvette clubs, vin decoders and I knew it was mine because some of the vin numbers simply do not exist. No Execptions I did not cry or whine. I simply continued to compile and allow others to make profit and removed my list :) from public view!

Now as I age I wonder who will keep this up after 2011 hmm. Well that is where Wiki Comes in great! I will post enough data here to convince any car enthusiast, dealer, corporation, individual, lot guy, salesman or other related person to see. Maybe someone has an idea that I do not. Please do not call me and say "Oh you should make a vin decoder and sell it". This data is massive and it will take several people just to bring this site live. It will take one person a month just to make the site map.

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